“In each life, souls incarnate with a plan in mind. During the course of that life these plans often surface as mental images known in the culture as dreams.

We realize that some define dreams as a series of thoughts and images occurring involuntarily while sleeping.

Of course, this does occur, however, we would also wish you to consider voluntary dreaming as well.

Take time each day with a deliberate intention to revisit your dreams. Make them an active part of your life. Linear reality is thick and dense, often interfering in one’s ability to keep dreaming.

Realize it is the denseness, not our dreams that are making it difficult to achieve them.

Your soul’s plan is ever vigilant with its power and vitality. Never allow anything to keep you from actively pursuing them.

Being a voluntary dreamer is perhaps the most powerful action one can take while being physical. It means that you and your soul are united in the focus of bringing positive creation to the reality, and ultimately to yourself.

Practice being present while letting your imagination unfurl with all the voracity your soul can muster.

Do not be deceived!

Your dreams are achievable.

They are part of the plan.

Be a dreamer!”



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