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is elated and inspired this day to Celebrate the Life of a truly awakened male energy that changed the lives of thousands on this earth, over the course of his lifetime, a life lived way ahead of its time … or was it?


Jose Silva




Jose Silva is the founder of The Silva Method, and a pioneer in mind empowerment research.

Silva dedicated his life to awakening the human mind’s hidden potential. After over a decade of research, he released his findings in 1966 and spent the rest of his life perfecting and teaching The Silva Method.

Silva’s legacy is carried on today through Silva International, an organization committed to continuing his mission.

Jose Silva was born in Laredo, Texas. He and his older sister and younger brother were raised by their grandmother. Silva supported the family from a very young age by selling newspapers, shining shoes, and doing odd jobs. He never attended school, but learned to read and write by watching his sister and brother do their homework. Silva was able to study a correspondence course on radio repair through an agreement with the town barber, under which the barber rented the lessons to Silva, and Silva earned the diploma in the barber’s name. At the age of fifteen, Silva began to repair radios and built a successful business which he maintained for the next 25 years, interrupted only by military service.



Silva’s mind experiments were based on his background in electronics and study of psychology. He had read about alpha waves and the electrical activity in the human brain and theorized that the electrical impedance of the brain could be lowered to improve efficiency. Silva believed that the brain was more energetic when it was less active, and that at lower frequencies the brain received and stored more information.

The crucial problem for Silva was to keep the mind alert at these frequencies, which are associated more with daydreaming and sleep than with practical activity. Silva experimented with hypnosis, but while hypnosis made the mind more receptive, he felt that more individual control was necessary for improving brain function. He experimented next with mental training exercises to quiet the brain yet keep it more independently alert than in hypnosis. This, he reasoned, would lead to improved memory combined with understanding and hence to higher I.Q. scores.

The exercises from which Silva’s techniques evolved called for relaxed concentration and vivid mental visualization and ways of reaching lower levels. He believed that these levels proved more effective in learning than the fully awake, or beta wave, level. The proof for Silva was that in the three-year period that he worked with his children to develop his techniques, their grades in school sharply improved.

Silva’s first reported experience with ESP (normally standing for extrasensory perception, but Silva preferred to call it effective sensory projection) occurred one evening in 1953, while his daughter was in her “alpha level.” Silva was questioning his daughter about her school work, and as she answered each question, he framed the next in his mind, before verbally asking the question. Silva reported that his daughter began to give the answers to the questions he was forming in his mind before he verbalized them.

In this period, ESP was becoming a subject of scientific inquiry, largely through the published work of Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University. Silva wrote to Rhine to report that he had trained his daughter to practice ESP. In his response, Rhine pointed out that Silva’s daughter may have been psychic before the training, and that more rigorous proof was needed. Silva then worked to reproduce his results, and over the next ten years he trained thirty-nine Laredo children and continued to refine his process. He believed that he had developed a method to teach anyone to use ESP.

He found that just like an electrical wire, the human mind could function more efficiently when its resistance was lowered.

The key was brain waves. When he lowered his test subjects’ brain waves to the Alpha and Theta levels – the natural state of sleep and meditation – while keeping them fully conscious, profound changes would take place.

Intuition peaked. Creativity soared. Stress melted away. Focus, drive and energy levels spiked. Self-doubt, negativity and depression disappeared. And in some cases, pain subsided and symptoms of illness vanished.

Silva spent the next 3 decades perfecting his discovery, and sharing it with over 6 million people worldwide. Before long The Silva Method was a global movement, practiced and endorsed by celebrities, top CEOs and entrepreneurs, athletes, personal growth leaders, medical professionals and everyday people in search of a better life.

Now consider this…

Silva’s original ESP training method took 40 to 48 hours to complete. The method as currently promoted has been reduced to 18 to 20 hours through an apparent refinement of technique. Contemporary reports suggest as little as 12 to 14 hours is required by especially able practitioners. Silva wrote a book, You the Healer, on how to use the Silva Mind Control Method to heal yourself and others. He also started the Ecumenical Society to protect users from allegations of practicing medicine without a license.

A New York Times article on April 16, 1972 (“Can Man Control His Mind”) reported that a Trinity University study showed that students trained in Mind Control did attain a high degree of Alpha level production. It also noted that C. W. Post College and Canisius College would offer courses in Silva’s methods. Silva died peacefully in February 1999, aged 84. The Silva UltraMind System was his final creation and was completed shortly before he died.

From the archives of Silva International comes some very rare footage of Jose Silva from his 1987 TV Show. Here, he gives his viewers a discourse on what the faculty of the mind is.

WHAT IS THE SILVA METHOD?The Silva Method is a comprehensive program designed to train you to make better use of your mental processes. When your thought processes are improved, you act better, and your outlook on life generally gets better. The Silva Method has two main parts, the Silva Life System (SLS) and the Silva Intuition System (SIS).


In the first part of the Method, the Silva Life System teaches you specialized techniques to put yourself in greater contact with your true potential by training you to use guided imagery and focused awareness to achieve your goals.

Simply and clearly, you are taught how to calm your self, to tune out the static of everyday challenges, and to open untapped aspects of your mentality. The Method is a form of modern-day meditation that is directed to make you a fuller, better, more enriched individual, ready to cope with and surmount any obstacle in your path.


The second part of the Method, the Silva Intuition System, trains you to recognize and take control of your intuition, that part of you that feels a hunch, or has a sudden insight into a situation before you. With intuition you are able to fully understand something not easily apparent by rational or logical means alone.

Intuition can be utilized in every part of your life. It is of inestimable value in making decisions and choosing the best options. With the SIS training you will be guided to listen to the small voice of intuition within you, and you will learn how to apply intuition to create a new and breathtaking reality for yourself.


In just two weekends you can elevate your personal awareness and manage all of life’s challenges with less stress and an enhanced personal confidence.

Become a member of the best, most reliable time-honored personal development program in the world. Think of it as a toolkit for your mind.

“At this very moment you are writing your own book. No one else writes your book. Doesn’t it make sense to write a happy ending?” [The Brothers Grimm]

Smart is the new rich.
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