ELSA – Full Moon In Libra, Mutable T- Square, Pluto Retrograde and Uranus Square Pluto!

This is an extremely dynamic week.

I don’t think I can adequately cover it in this short form but I’ll try to hit the high points and direct you to posts where I have elaborated around the various energies at play.

We have a mutable T-square involving Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune in effect all week.

We’ll see a lot of bickering with this but the overall phrase that comes to mind is, “You always hurt the one you love”.

I have offered very specific tips around how to deal with this. I highly recommend you check them out as I am sure they’ll spare you some grief.

The Moon is full in Libra on Friday, mid-day in the US. This means we’re headed into this on Thursday night so I’d be aware of that. People are already mentally tweaked by the T-square. The full moon accentuates emotion and the ego so you can see the complicated playing field. People who like to juggle may like this. Others might consider lying low.

The Uranus Pluto square is also in effect this week. Its influence will increase as Pluto turns retrograde on Tuesday.

With Uranus direct and Pluto retrograde, these planets will be applying to close the square, intensifying the fundamental change we’re seeing in our personal lives as far as around the globe. This is a major transit. If you want more info, there are posts tagged Uranus square Pluto that you can peruse.

Last, on Monday the Moon in Sagittarius fills in the mutable T-square to complete the grand cross. There will be tons of cross-talk with this, and confused schedules and communications of all kinds. As irritated as you might get, I’d think twice before going off in any way because people are just so stressed right now, if not in a full blown crisis.

If you mentally prepare to deal with a flurry of activity this week, you can go a long way as others pull their hair out and have various kinds of conniption fits!

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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