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is elated to Celebrate the Life of yet another trail blazer, working from the grass roots of our world to create a sustainable, positive change for the Women of our World. This powerhouse of spirit has taken into her own heart the lives of women from all over the world, reaching them inside their own villages, towns and cities ; enabling them to ‘stand on their own two feet’.




Rosetta Stander


The end of the Apartheid was a new beginning for all of South Africa but the inequality that pervaded the country still left its scars on the people and the country. Rosetta Stander, a fifth generation South African saw this first hand and left the private sector to aid her countrymen. From 1997-2003 Rosetta managed a youth organization that developed life and vocational skills in young people culminating with business skills that lead to long-term employment in 80% of the group.

ODW is pleased to announce our fourth grant recipient – Zimele – and their compelling work in the rural areas of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. This matching grant of $12,800 will go towards funding for supplies and transportation for volunteers and patients with HIV/AIDS to receive care and mobility to visit doctors. The grant will help create jobs, provides training, help build infrastructure for this new initiative, and will impact over 4000 people over the course of the two year term of the grant.



During her time with non-profit organizations Rosetta saw how these organizations became pervasive throughout South Africa. While the groups had good intentions, they created a short-sighted welfare environment in which people depend upon the charities for their everyday needs. Rosetta’s prior experience of training people in life, vocational, and business skills gave her the conviction that the key to developing South Africa lay in the education of its people.

To this end Zimele was formed in 2006 with the vision of developing community self-reliance in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa. A year later, a group of dedicated, young professionals from Metro Community Church in Englewood, NJ founded Zimele USA in partnership with Rosetta to support the establishment of her vision. They have since been followed with Zimele organizations in the UK and Germany. It is the purpose of Zimele to transform the lives and communities of the poor and hurting in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa through education and the development of community self-reliance.


ZIMELE – Rosetta’s vision turned into a Reality

In Zulu, “Zimele” means “to stand on one’s own two feet” and the vision is that the people of South Africa and eventually all of Africa can stand on their own two feet.

ODW’s Grant to Zimele (South Africa)
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To free rural communities of Kwazulu Natal from the poverty cycle by transforming each into a Zimele community able to stand on its own two feet.

To raise awareness and gain support across Canada to help Zimele communities become self sustainable through the implementation of appropriate localized


Zimele is a partnership between sister non profits in South Africa, Zimbabwe, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada.


The Unsung Heroes enable by ZIMELE

” …to audrey, phume, mavis, thule, zama, mildred, pilani, andile, retha, SLOT program coordinators, and the rest of the unsung heroes of the zimele community – you are the heart and soul, and the makers of change. thank you for making me a part of your life. and to the countless women, men and children of swayimane who continue to live their days with a fierce intensity that most of us may never come to know and bear – you have all given me new life and a new set of eyes to what is possible for humanity.”


Zimele Canada is a Registered Charity under “Cross Community” – BN/Registration Number 863376737RR0001501(c)(3) based in Toronto Ontario and fully staffed by volunteers.

Primary responsibilities: •Fundraise from foundations and private donors in Canada
•Newsletter development and distribution
•Develop and manage Canadian website

Zimele South Africa is officially registered in South Africa as Zimele – Developing Community Self Reliance. Its NPO registration number is 054-826-NPO. As part of its effort to develop and operate programs appropriate and relevant to the rural communities of Kwazulu Nata, Zimele has staffed its South Africa organization with people native to or familiar with the surrounding communities.

Primary responsibilities: •Manage and implement field programs
•Develop product strategy and distribution/sales channels for the South African market
•Monitor and communicate progress and metrics
•Develop funding plan
•Fundraise from foundations in South Africa
•Manage financials

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Zimele USA is a registered 501(c)(3) based out of Fort Lee, NJ and fully staffed by volunteers.

Primary responsibilities: •Branding / Marketing / Public Relations
•Develop and manage website
•Fundraise from foundations and private donors in the US
•Develop product strategy and distribution channels for the US market

Zimele Zimbabwe is a registered trust in Zimbabwe. Its registration number is MA 818/2008 Protocol NO 1/08.

Zimele has staffed its program with employees and community volunteers native to Zimbabwe in order to develop social and economic development programs appropriate to the current challenging economic, political, and health conditions in Zimbabwe.

Primary responsibilities: •Fundraise from foundations and private donors in the United Kingdom


Primary responsibilities: •Fundraise from foundations and private donors in the Germany programs.

A Celebration of Women

is honored to have this wonderful spirit as a member to our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION,
and offer all the support we can attend to the global efforts of her vision, ZIMELE.

Brava Rosetta!

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