The Healer’s Way: ‘Mind Gateway’

‘The Mindful Gateway’

Did you get my last email about the ‘Mind Gateway

healing modality & free LIVE training this week?


>> find out about it here


I’ve gotten a surprisingly huge response to the letter

and lots of people have already signed up for the class.

The other cool thing is that lots of folks have taken

the test to uncover which archetypal energies are

influencing them right now –


for better or worse!


The test will give you instant insight into where you’re

getting stuck energetically, and which inner resources

are best for you to draw upon right now to optimize

all areas of your life 🙂 Oh! the test is free, BTW.


It will also better prepare you for the archetype healing
class on Wednesday.


>> sign up for the training, then take the test here


There’s only a few spots left (it’s a technical thing –

some day I hope we can have as many callers as we

want), so I recommend you sign up now – it’ll only

take a minute. Then you can take the test (about 5

minutes) some time before Wednesday night.


The training will include some very powerful exercises

to help you access your own inner resources. During

the archetypal healing session, Laura will guide you through:


* an immersion into an archetypal story to awaken your inner knowing.
* a meditation that allows you to release any buried pain, fear or anger that’s holding you back … or even harming you.
* energy work with pranayama breathing and mudras to help ‘seal’ the healing.
* affirmations to move forward with renewed access to your inner support system.


>> sign up here to join us Wednesday


Remember, it’s live, it’s free, and I’ll be there. I hope

you will be too!


Many blessings,


PS: Looks like the test itself will only be up until the 15th,
so even if you can’t make the call, you can still take the test 🙂


>> go here to sign up and take the test now


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