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There is so much personal pain happening to people right now. Logically, we know we must guard our physical, emotional and mental diet to keep any semblance of balance. It also helps to remember that this too will pass, meaning negativity. There is also something else we can do to supplement prayer and meditation; we can take time out for playful moments. We need ‘lightness’ to survive and nourish our heart with a fresh and child like energy.Adults and many children have forgotten how to play. Do you ever question the purpose of play in your life? Play is the reason for and the essence of an authentic life. It is not only for children; it is for all ages.

Playfulness is like deep water from a forgotten place within. When we experience magical moments of love and healing, ripples of joy rise to the surface. How long has it been since you have felt an energy that leaves no doubt in your mind that you are experiencing a heightened aliveness in the moment?There is a great uncertainty accompanied by unexpected changes happening both within and without. It is vital that we make a concerted effort to honor ourselves.

Playfulness is an important aspect of honoring life. Why not allow playfulness to take center stage once in awhile? Such a gentle choice provides sheer joy as we explore new horizons and actually have fun, allowing free associations to happen spontaneously. Eventually, through trust, effort and a deliberate act of relaxation, we restore a much-needed magic.Everyone has an invisible and secret inner tree of life naturally existing as a result of the laws of creation. As beauty and balance are viewed everywhere in movement, color and sound, we, too, can effortlessly enjoy special moments as an artist in living. When we connect to our inner tree an untapped beauty and fullness emerges as a force opening us consciously to the essence within.

With the right understanding and imagination, we can honor our special tree by keeping it alive through creative action. If we take time to honor individuality with the intent in achieving and sustaining stability and beauty, we consciously connect to the inner magic of Self and the abundance that Nature offers. We will regain simplicity and actually realize that life is meant to be enjoyable. Stress, particularly ongoing stress, separates us from our inner power. In rediscovering our playful energy, we enhance creativity, health, genuine joy, and abundance and deepen our appreciation and know with a certainty what it means to be fully alive~

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Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

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