MARCIA MARTIN – New Year’s Rainforest Request

Marcia Martin Productions, LLC ~ New Year’s Rainforest Request

To Family, friends, and colleagues,
This is a request for your immediate help.

Three years ago I witnessed first hand the beauty of the Amazon rainforest and the Achuar people who have lived there untouched by our modern world for thousands of years. I also learned about the fragility of this pristine land and how vital the rainforest is to all of us; not only is it the home of an incredible diversity of plants and animals but it is truly the “lungs of the world” generating a significant amount of the oxygen that all of us breathe. I learned that “over there” is not really very far away.

After returning from my trip, I was so moved by what I experienced that I felt bound to get involved with The Pachamama Alliance — an organization which is partnering with the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest to help protect their lands and culture. I have learned how important it is for us, in the modern world, to change our whole way of relating to nature in order to “wake up” and preserve and restore the earth …for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren.

Right now a grave new threat has emerged to the Ecuadorean rainforest: in early 2012 major international oil companies are making a push to have oil exploration concessions opened in the Achuar territory,a region of over 2,000,000 sectors of pristine rainforest where the Achuar people live like they have for thousands of years, untouched by our modern world. Oil drilling in northern portions of the rainforest have devastated the land; no matter what care is taken, experience has shown that oil exploration causes irreversible damage to this delicate ecosystem. Once it is gone, we will never get it back.Therefore I am inviting you to join me in support of the Pachamama Alliance and their campaign to defend against this new threat. A number of committed donors have offered to match any contributions made before January 1, 2012 so if you act in the next two days, your donation will be doubled.

Would you please click on the link below to read more about this? And, I ask you to consider “reallocating” whatever resources you can to make a tax-deductible donation to this effort. I know that there are a lot of things competing for your dollars these days, but this is an investment in the future of life itself that you can feel good about. And, even if a donation is not something you want to make right now, please take a look at the information and get better informed about this issue.

Thank you so much. Your support really means a lot to me.

All the best to you for a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Much love,


Marcia Martin
Marcia Martin Productions, LLC

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