Free Audio Class with homeopathic specialist Shelley McQuerter

Free Audio Class with homeopathic specialist Shelley McQuerter – Finally, an IEP for Mom Experience

Unlike the United States homeopathy, in my homecountry Germany, is an established branch of medicine that has a huge number of loyal followers. Many medical doctors have additional training in homeopathy and will give you a choice of how you want to be treated. Unlike allopathic medicine, homeopathic remedies have no unwanted side effects and are considered to actually heal your body versus just curing the symptoms.

That said I wish to invite you to a Free Audio Class with homeopathic specialist Shelley McQuerter offered by my good friend Doreen Fulton.

Learn Homeopathy Now Custom Kits from Shelley McQuerter on Vimeo.

Wishing to fortify you during this wonderful season that is often stress-filled, she has interviewed Shelley McQuerter, owner and director of Learn Homeopathy Now. Shelley will be sharing her very special list of the “Mom’s Must Have Homeopathic Remedies” and promises to help you with the following:

  • Boost your energy;
  • Avoid the burnout and overwhelm;
  • Overcome fear and anxiety; and
  • Cope with loss and disappointment.

This interview will only be available for the next four days, so please Claim your Free Pass now to get immediate access to Shelley’s “Must Have Homeopathic Remedies” .

In addition Doreen has made available for FREE 4 of her wonderful audio classes from her recent telesummit, sharing insights on how to best get through times of emotional strain. So make use of this opportunity and listen to

  • Doreen Fulton – raising children with special needs: from despair to fulfillment
  • Dan Pursley – From Struggles in School to Success in Life!
  • Nancy Battye – Forgiveness the Path to Emotional Freedom and Greater Inner Peace!
  • Astrid Witt – Honour yourself first – practical advice for parents


These classes are part of the Finally, an IEP for Mom Experience and are being featured this week only, so please make sure to Claim your Free Pass to expand your horizon of what else is possible and give you hope when you’re at the end of your rope!
Doreen Fulton coaches Moms and Educators and Specializes in Giving Voice to Young Adults with Special Needs.

She is passionate about giving voice to unspoken dreams and empowering Moms and Educators like you to think and act in new ways that give you stamina, strength and resilience, so that you can be the role models that you wish to be. She knows from personal experience how isolated, forgotten and unheard she felt while advocating for her children with special needs. She remembers not being able to sleep at night, always running late, never feeling caught up, and feeling overwhelmed with work, doctor appointments, meetings with school administrators and family commitments.

While most Moms with young adults can envision a time when their adult children will be grown and gone, you may not be able to see an end in sight. After high school, the young adult with special challenges needs your help more than ever to make a successful transition into the world of work. Unfortunately, you are often worn out, tired, and frustrated and do not have the support you need in managing the many challenges you face. This is where your individualized empowerment plan is required and this is where Doreen finds you.
As a human resource professional and certified Dream Coach® with a Master’s Degree in Education-Counseling, Doreen had helped countless young people to move in the direction of their dreams, to get scholarships, to find satisfying careers and to embrace their strengths and innate talents while actively supporting their peers in the transition process. She decided to use these skills to help her own children and others like them who struggled with academics.
She customized the proven transition process and developed the Finally, an IEP for Mom Experience!
This signature program is designed to help you develop your own Individualized Empowerment Plan. It addresses your worries and concerns, your fears and trepidation and gives you the support you need to keep going forward. She takes you by the hand and helps you to find your passion and purpose once again. When you are in action, doing what you love, you inspire those around you and become the role model you want to be.

Doreen has written Finally, An IEP for Mom!
She has also led a very successful workshop entitled, If Mama Ain’t Transitioning, Ain’t Nobody Transitioning!
Learn more about Doreen and those who want to support you at her website:

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