VERONICA ~ New Perspectives on YOUR Future

Establishing a New Perspective Upon Your Future

You as a culture are coming into your high holidays of Thanksgiving and a perspective of newness, which is a re-birthing perspective. It is a good time to cleanse yourself of all the disappointments while establishing a new perspective upon your future.
Decide to give thanks for the love in your life. Acceptance is something that is achieved by your internal self and by your actions. These actions allow others to give thanks for your presence in their lives.
The religious concept of a savior being born was created to allow those like yourself to renew and refresh your participation in the linear.
Be of a joyful perspective when doing so.
Embarking upon a refreshed opportunity should be acknowledged. In order to do that properly, one must create from a positive joyful perspective.
Dig deep into yourself and recover the joy of being. It is a grand opportunity for your soul to advance.
By not embracing the joy of living, you decide to continue the spiral into negativity.
So it is important to decide to make the best of what is and create from that point of view.
Your future is yours for the creating.
Create it with a smile upon your lips.
Perhaps then the future will be different.”

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