H.E.Eklil Hakimi on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11


Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States H.E.Eklil Hakimi

10th Anniversary of 9/11

Together with my fellow Afghans, today we honor the memory of the lives lost on American soil on September 11, 2001. We grieve with the families and friends who lost loved ones on that day. We pray that their hearts find peace in the remembrance of their loved ones.

Afghans understand the pain that these terrorist attacks caused for so many Americans because we too have suffered destruction at the hands of al Qaeda and other violent extremists. Afghans and Americans know the terrible costs of violence and this mutual understanding unites our countries in the common cause to end hatred and promote peace.

Let us preserve the memory of those who passed away on September 11 by not succumbing to the fear and hatred that fuels terrorism. Rather, in pursuit of peace, we should stand together in tolerance and understanding.

Today we all reflect on how much our world has changed since September 11, 2001. Under the Taliban’s rule Afghans suffered from the horrors of a brutal and oppressive government. But we have moved away from this dark past. Over the last ten years our country has achieved momentous accomplishments. Afghanistan is now a proud democracy and the lives of our people have improved. Today a bright future lies ahead of all Afghans, one that was not imaginable ten years ago.

But as you know, even ten years later, our battle against terrorism continues.

The Afghan people along with the rest of the world, wish to go back to a life filled with security, without the threat of the enemy succeeding.

Today, and every day, Afghans stand side-by-side with our American friends. Our common goal to combat terrorism and promote peace goes beyond borders and unites American, Afghan and Coalition Forces in an unwavering commitment to overcome oppression, fear and intimidation inflicted by terrorists all over the globe.

Let us renew our commitment, once again, to defeat terrorist networks, and to defend our homelands. Let us stand up for the enduring values that we share and cherish, as we seek freedom, peace and prosperity in my country of Afghanistan, the United States and around the world. Our fight against terrorism may continue but peace and prosperity is on our horizon.

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