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JOIN CAROLYN & HELP the Women of our World!!!



Website: www.hopedevelopmentpk.org

Hope Development Organization is a National NGO, struggling for the Women rights in Pakistan, it is registered under the societies registration Act XX1 1860, Joint Stock Companies. HDO was founded in the year of 1997 by a Feminist group and Women equal rights believers in the result of horrible crimes against women in Pakistan like Purdah or Child Marriage (Vani) , Honor killings, Domestic violence, Acid throwing, Bride burning, Watta satta , Sati, Dowry death, Murder of pregnant women, Human trafficking, Sexual slavery, Forced prostitution, Sexual violence, Rape, Violence against prostitutes, Female genital cutting, No doubt Pakistani government take quick actions on complains and had made few laws to protect women rights, but still there are more then 84 % cases and stories are invisible because of the fear in women of this society.

Our Vision:
Transform deprived lives through sustainable development, with emphasis on physical, social
and economic help through medicine, encouragement, Women rights awareness and skill


Our Mission:
Educating our children in the ways of peace and empowering our women as equal citizens.


$ 5000.00 is the Immediate Goal !

WOMEN of ACTION that have joined the Cause:

1] Sep 4, 2011 Donation From Cheryl Millett Completed Details Donation From Cheryl Millett 59169554NJ6976837 $xx.00 CAD
2] Sep 4, 2011 Donation From Cindy Ashton Completed Details Donation From Cindy Ashton 9T581731H6744442T $xx.00 CAD
3] Sep 4, 2011 Donation From Elvira Hopper Completed Details Donation From Elvira Hopper 4NG05232FX291782D $xx.00 CAD
4] Sep 4, 2011 Donation From Elvira Hopper Completed Details Donation From Elvira Hopper 12E13160VN796640G $xx.00 CAD
5] Sep 4, 2011 Donation From Completed Details Donation From MARIA PILAR VIVIENTE SOLE 8WN7925148366032P $xx.00 CAD
6] Sep 5, 2011 Donation From Completed Details Donation From NextOne Company,LLC 2PJ331350P151420C $xx.00
7] Sep 5, 2011 Donation Completed Details Donation From Lisa Cummings 4J31780922727341W $xx.00
8] Sep 5, 2011 Donation From Aromatique Essentials Completed Details 71A744938M500552C $xx.00
9] Sep 6, 2011 Donation From Lyudmila Pupko Completed Details From Lyudmila Pupko 3V6106927A014131F $xx.00
10] Sep 6, 2011 Donation From Madeleine Marentette Completed Details 5KG46472EU9145512 $xx.00
11] Sep 6, 2011 Donation From Annemarie Shrouder Completed Details Donation 3BA362102C577521W $xx.00
12] Sep 6, 2011 Donation From Tiffany Bond Completed Details Donation From Tiffany Bond 62975300FV7355152 $xx.00
13] Sep 6, 2011 Donation From Heidi Shrouder Completed Details – WESTERN UNION 4394629XXX- $xx.00
14] Sep 11, 2011 Donation From Lorna Blake Completed 8WN7925148377032P $ xx.00

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