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Power Manners

July 31, 2011 by notestowomen

I got an email from Catherine Anne Clark, Founder and CEO of A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc. where she mentioned a book called Power Manners. It is written by Shannon Smith, a Woman of Action.Shannon Smith is a leading image strategist and founder of Première Image International, the foremost provider of personal brand training. Since 1983, Shannon and her team of consultants have taken companies and individuals from unnoticed to unforgettable, bringing about transformations that lead straight to success. Read more about Shannon here. Shannon was a guest on A Celebration of Women TV on July 28th. This guest spot will be featured on the site’s homepage soon. Keep checking!

If you want to be transformed from ‘unnoticed to unforgettable’, Power Manners is the book for you. In it you will discover:

  • How to dress appropriately
  • What International Protocol really means
  • The secrets behind effective presentations
  • The difference between manners & etiquette
  • That gossip can be good
  • When to kiss and when to shake hands
  • How to survive meetings

Learn the Secrets of Self-Confidence,

Discover the Power of Influence,

Make Success a Natural Part of Your Life.

Far from a collection of rules and regulations, Power Manners is a very practical easy-to-read guide with answers to so many ofthe business and social questions that people really ask. This book explores contemporary manners and universally accepted rules ofbehavior,helping you through business and social situations throughout the world. From table manners to body talk, Power Manners will take the stress out of behaving yourself.


Find out how well mannered you are when you check out our chapter quizzes.
And then learn how easy it is to:

  • Impress others without being fake
  • Schmooze with the best
  • Get out of embarrassing business situations
  • Ensure you’re on everyone’s invitation list

Enjoy the adventure of POWER MANNERS.

Jessica Moritz

Shannon Smith has generously offered to donate $10.00 per book sale to Celebration House. A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc. is in the midst of opening very their first flagship Celebration House, a home for young women who will be nurtured while they receive a Western Education which will enable them to grow into future LEADERS.

When you purchase the book, Power Manners you will be supporting A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc. Your support will assist the Foundation in building this home for young women from around the world, enabling them to enjoy a Canadian University education, while living at Celebration House. Those who pass through Celebration House will be Future Leaders that go back into their communities and Take Action.

A $10 donation will be made to Celebration House with each purchase. Buy your copy today at www.acelebrationof It’s also available at With your purchase you will be not only be transforming your life but the lives of young women who will have the opportunity to change their communities–and perhaps, their world.


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