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(left) and Cassady (right) Kanzig left their home in Slave Lake in a rush as wildfires devoured the area.

Karri Kanzig couldn’t see through the thick, gray smoke to the school just yards away from her home. She began to panic. Soon, the flames were approaching her house leaving her no choice but to flee. As Karri, her husband and their young daughter Cassidy drove away that night, they watched the town they had lived in their whole lives burn. »

The Kanzig family is one of thousands who fled the town of Slave Lake on Sunday, May 15th, after massive wildfires swept across parts of central and north-central Alberta.

Canadian Red Cross immediately mobilized personnel and emergency supplies to assist evacuated families and registered evacuees to help reconnect them with loved ones.

Just as the Canadian Red Cross is supporting emergency response operations in Slave Lake it is ready and prepared
to respond wherever and whenever Canadians need help.



In fact, every four hours local volunteers respond to various disasters across Canada.

After Karri and her family evacuated, they visited the Canadian Red Cross assisted shelter in Athabasca to register their family.

As Karri said,

“What the Red Cross is doing is just amazing. We’ve been helped so much.
Thank you.”


But the Red Cross can’t keep helping families affected by disasters without your support.


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and receive a free personal first aid kit to help deal with some of life’s
smaller disasters.


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