Embassy Hosts Reception in Honor of Mrs. Laura Bush‏

Embassy Hosts Reception in Honor of Mrs. Laura Bush

H.E. Ambassador Hakimi and Mrs. Hakimi hosted a reception welcoming First Lady; Mrs. Laura Bush, members and supporters of US-Afghan Women’s Council to the Embassy on Thursday, June 9.
Ambassador Hakimi gave a warm welcome to those in attendance and thanked Mrs. Laura Bush for all her efforts and contributions toward advocating women’s rights in Afghanistan, calling her a “friend” to the Afghan women.
Ambassador Hakimi recognized the efforts made by the US-Afghan Women’s Council for their implementing projects and creating more opportunities economically, socially and culturally Afghan women.
The reception proceeded with a meeting between Ambassador Hakimi, Mrs. Hakimi, Madam First Lady Laura Bush, and Ms. Charity N. Wallace.
During the meeting, the progress and gains of the Afghan women in the past ten years were noted and applauded. In addition, further support in women’s active engagement in businesses, civil society, and politics was promised to move forward.
Ambassador Hakimi addressed the positive changes that Afghan women now have and stated, “Thanks for efforts made by friends, women now enjoy civil liberties which they were deprived of under the Taliban’s rule. Many women have gone back to school and work while others have begun venturing into different areas of politics, economics and some even in active duty with security forces.”
Ambassador Hakimi gave statistics proving the success of the ongoing programs currently put into practice in Afghanistan and reaffirmed the support from the national government and the importance of instituting the national Constitution in regards to female rights. Ambassador Hakimi reiterated President Karzai’s statement: “there should be no doubt in our minds that there will not be any changes — and I can say this with 100% confidence. There will not be any changes allowed by the Afghan people that will diminish or reduce the gains that women have made, that reduce their role in Afghan society, because what we’ve accomplished is what the Afghan people wanted.”
Ambassador Hakimi engaged in conversations on how to focus the public’s attention to expand the efforts being made toward helping Afghan women in need. The Ambassador hoped to engage American women and show that they, too, can take active part in the revitalization of Afghan women’s rights.
Ambassador Hakimi was grateful for the support Afghanistan was receiving from individuals in the US-Afghan Women’s Council, from Mrs. Laura Bush herself, and fellow Americans that showed kindness and concern for the situation in Afghanistan.
Mrs. Laura Bush, in return, showed gratitude toward Ambassador Hakimi and the entire Embassy for their committment and continuous support of the US-Afghan Women’s Council and their hosting of the night’s reception.
A gift exchange ceremony and Afghan Cuisine was served to the guests at the end of the reception.
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June, 11.2011
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