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Elephant; International Fund for Animal Welfare

Mother elephant died
after comforting her injured calf.

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Mother elephant trying to reach her calf that fell Mother (right) crawled into
ravine to comfort injured newborn calf (lower left).

Elephant calf being treated by IFAW vets
Badly injured baby elephant
after daring rescue from ravine.

Dear Catherine Anne,

IFAW has just rescued a newborn elephant calf who was injured and
trapped when he fell into a rocky ravine in northeast India.

Sadly, the
calf has lost his mother.

She somehow navigated the perilous rocks and
caves and reached her baby, but was gravely injured in the process. From a
trunk-length away, she comforted her calf until she knew her baby was safe, and
then died from her own injuries.

Now her calf is all alone in the world,
and desperately clinging to life.

Will you help us save this calf and other animals in

IFAW’s Emergency Relief team around the world is
always ready to rescue imperiled and injured animals like this newborn elephant

After careful planning, IFAW’s Dr. Bhawal led the vets and a rescue
team through the narrow and dark cave and reached the elephants.

A sling
was slipped under the calf, and then Forest Department staff and villagers
pulled the calf through the narrow rocks as Dr. Bhawal and other rescuers pushed
from behind.

They were eventually able to get the calf through the
cave. He was then carried on a stretcher up a steep hill, and was transported to
a field office where he was treated immediately.

The calf is now in
critical condition and receiving around-the-clock care.

Please help us care for him and other suffering

Just last week I told you about “Gray,” the Indian
elephant who was struck by a train and severely injured. IFAW rescuers rushed to
the forest to treat his injuries and we continue to care for him.

the support of so many animal lovers, IFAW would not be able to rush to rescue
animals like these.

Please give today to help us care for innocent, injured

Your gift could be the difference between life and
death for a suffering animal.

Thank you,

Fred O'Regan Signature

Fred O’Regan

Fred O'Regan

PS. The newborn elephant
calf is badly injured, unable to stand up when we reached him. He has bruises
and wounds to his back, head and legs. We are desperately trying to save him. Please help us rescue and care for innocent animals like
this calf by giving whatever amount you can spare

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