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Help save this year’s generation of seal pups from a deadly double threat.


Dear Catherine Anne &  A Celebration of Women,

I know if YOU were in charge of the Canadian commercial seal hunt, you’d have the compassion and common sense to end it immediately.

Of course, IFAW would too, and we’re working tirelessly to expose the truth of the cruel hunt:

  • Seal trade bans that IFAW helped win in the EU and many countries have caused the market for seal parts to shrink significantly;
  • The value of seal pelts has dropped dramatically- from $100 per pelt in 2006 to just $18 in 2010;
  • Because of the millions of dollars the Canadian government spends promoting and supporting it, the seal hunt now costs more than it brings in.

Clearly, Canada’s commercial sealing industry is dying.

But Minister Shea, in charge of the Fisheries and Oceans department that oversees the seal hunt, has decided to INCREASE the number of seals that can be killed in the annual commercial hunt to 400,000!

Please help us stop the cruel and senseless seal hunt and animal suffering by giving what you can today.

Deadly Double Threat for Seals

As this video shows, seal pups need ice to survive.

Without a solid ice platform on which to give birth and nurse their pups, many harp seal mothers are forced to abort their pups in the water where they sink and die.

Hundreds of thousands of seal pups might die this year.

IFAW’s Huntwatch team has just returned from Canada’s East Coast. Their reports were distressing:

Seal pups that would normally be on ice and nursing are abandoned on the windswept beaches. With no ice around, their odds of survival are very slim.

And any baby seals that have survived this long…now face death by cruel slaughter – shot and battered on the head with a crude spiked club…killed and skinned to support a dying market for products that no one wants or needs.

Baby seals shouldn’t have to face this deadly double threat of no ice AND a brutal hunt.

Please give whatever you can now to help us put an end to this senseless cruelty.

IFAW’s campaigning has helped win many victories for seals, sparing hundreds of thousands of pups from cruel slaughter in just the last couple of years.

But we need you now to save this year’s generation of seal pups.

With your help, we can finally stop the hunt and save the surviving baby seals from pointless suffering.

Please help save innocent animals by giving what you can today.

Thank you,

Fred O'Regan SignatureFred O’Regan
Fred O'Regan

P.S. We need to continue to document seal hunt abuses and keep the pressure on the Canadian government to do the right thing and end the hunt. Please give what you can today to help the animals that need us most – like these innocent baby seals.

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