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Dear Catherine Anne,

Today is the International Day of Action for seals – a day to speak out against Canada’s commercial seal hunt, the world’s largest allowed slaughter of marine mammals.

Our government would like us to think that the seal hunt that stains the ice off our East coast red with blood is an important economic industry.

But we Canadians know better.

We know that hundreds of thousands of seals die just so that politicians can win the votes of Atlantic Canada.

For years, markets for seal products have been disappearing and international opposition to the Canadian seal hunt has been growing. Most recently, the European Union (EU) banned the sale of seal products, joining a growing list of countries, including our closest trading partner, the United States, who have adopted seal product bans.

Their citizens have loudly said “NO” to seal products.

But our government stubbornly refuses to listen, claiming – against all the evidence – that the hunt is humane, sustainable and economically important.

Here’s what the government does NOT want you to know:

  • The current Marine Mammal Regulations do NOT set out requirements necessary for the humane killing of seals.
  • The Canadian seal hunt is not self-sustaining.
  • The costs of keeping the sealing industry afloat are largely paid for with your tax dollars.
  • No one makes a living from sealing.
  • The seal hunt comes at a huge cost.
  • Seals are not responsible for the collapse of cod stocks, and killing seals will not restore fish populations.
  • Climate change is having a profound effect on seals.

It’s time for the citizens of Canada to use our voices and our voting power to say “NO MORE” and demand that the seal hunt end.

Our hard-earned tax dollars and our reputation on the international stage are being squandered and destroyed.

Please speak out for seals today and urge your MP to protect our seals and our good name.

Please send your message today, so that baby seals will have a better tomorrow.

Thank you,

Sheryl Fink SignatureSheryl Fink
IFAW Seal Program Director
Sheryl Fink
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