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PM to meet world leaders in Paris

to co-ordinate implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution on Libya


March 18, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today that he will travel to Paris to meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron and other leaders and representatives to coordinate the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, which was adopted on March 17, 2011. The resolution authorizes the use of force to protect the civilian population and civilian populated areas in Libya and the enforcement of a no-fly zone over Libyan territory.

“Canada is actively contributing to international efforts to protect Libyan citizens from further harm and abuse at the hands of the Gaddafi regime,” said Prime Minister Harper. “Canada, in cooperation with our allies and other members of the international community, worked to gain support for this resolution. We will now take the urgent action necessary to support it.”

More specifically, participants at the meeting, which include leaders of the European Union, Arab League and African Union, will be discussing implementation of the no-fly zone and arms, travel and economic sanctions.

Since the crisis first began, Canada has taken strong and decisive actions against the regime. Working closely with allies, the Government has evacuated Canadian and allied citizens, put in place tough sanctions, and called on the Gaddafi regime to stop the bloodshed and immediately step down. The Government has also authorized the deployment of six CF-18 fighter jets to join HMCS Charlottetown in the region to join international efforts to fully implement Resolution 1973.

“Our Government is committed to helping protect Libyan citizens from further slaughter. It is a moral obligation and quite simply the right thing to do,” added the Prime Minister. “We urge the Gaddafi regime to respect the will of the Libyan people, to comply with their obligations under international law, and to immediately cease all hostilities”


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March 19, 2011
Paris, France


Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the following remarks at an emergency meeting on Libya:

“First, I should like to thank President Sarkozy for convening this important and historic meeting.

“We have gathered here, leaders and representatives from North America and Europe, and the Arab League, because the embattled people of Libya have challenged us.

“Do we believe in freedom, or do we just say we believe in freedom?

“Earlier this week, the UN Security Council gave its answer.

“On Thursday, it passed a resolution authorizing additional sanctions and a no-fly zone to prevent the regime from bombing its own citizens.

“To enforce this resolution, Canadian aircraft and HMCS Charlottetown have joined an international force assembling in the region.

“Faced with the threat of military action, the regime proclaimed a ceasefire.

“But the ceasefire was a lie, an obvious lie from the beginning. The facts on the ground are changing in the opposite direction.

“Canada has said, and leaders have agreed, that we must act urgently.

“We must help the Libyan people, help them now, or the threat to them and to the stability of the whole region will only increase.

“We must also ensure humanitarian needs are met, and that the humanitarian appeal is fully subscribed.

“Finally, we should all acknowledge that ultimately, only the Libyan people can or should decide their future.

“But we all have a mutual interest in their peaceful transition to a better future.”

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