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Heaven in 2011…


I am filled with excitement and enthusiasm as I hold my intention of Heaven on earth. For me, 2010 was a year of trusting in the process of healing and clearing all that was no longer in alignment to my authentic self. It was quite a year, one that felt at times like I was riding a roller coaster. There were so many twists and turns that at times I wasn’t sure that I was going to come out of it unscathed, but here I am contemplating Pamela’s Heaven.

Many think of Heaven as a place that they go to when they die, but truly it is a consciousness that resides within and through you. It is always a possibility that resides within you, speaking to you, calling to you, inviting you to enter into the golden gates. Upon reflection of my life, I see that I lived an illusion that presented Hell as my reality. Can you imagine how glorious it was to throw back the veil and see that Heaven was there all along? The murk of the underworld holds a tight grip, but when one has simply had enough, there is another way, another life, another place. The good news is that you create your own castle and kingdom, so to open your mind and heal your heart is to allow a fluctuation of your belief systems from what is to what exists as your highest potential. Raising your consciousness is the grace which allows you to leave behind the illusions of separation and open the doors of wholeness, which undoubtedly leads you to your personal Kingdom. For those of you that are saying yes, Yes, YES! I have three simple steps that will usher you up the white marble steps towards the castle gates.

1. Take responsibility for what you are Creating.

 ~ I know it is hard to believe when your life seems to be dragging you by the ball and chain, but you are the Creator of your experiences. If you want to know how you measure up to your own expectations, look at what experiences and people are showing up for you. Are you in alignment to peace, joy, happiness and abundance? These experiences are your current point of attraction and thus give you an idea of what requires healing to get you from where you are, to where you desire to be.

2. Set clear intentions for forward movement.

~ What you focus on is what you receive more of. It is impossible to create abundance by looking at limitation. It is impossible to create love when looking at separation, etc. It becomes imperative to create a mindset of positive intentions. Actually writing down what you intend for the year is a major leap into creating this in your life. Remember to keep your thoughts and words aligned for positive movement. For instance, instead of writing down, “I intend to pay off my debt in 2011.” Say, “I intend to be financially free in 2011.” Then couple this intention with positive emotions of what it feels like to be financially free. Does it make you feel elated, joyful or successful? Then visualize what it feels like to be in this situation now. Imagine how you feel writing a check to pay your credit card bill in full. This feeling assists in locking the appropriate vibrational frequency needed to make this happen.

3. Step aside and allow.

~ Once you realize that you can create anything you desire and you learn to align your vibrational frequency to match the desires you intend for, you must step out of the way and let the Universe deliver your creations to you. It is counterproductive to attempt to control the process or doubt yourself.

Meditation is a valuable tool to assist in maintaining a consciousness of peace so that you may allow your desires to manifest.


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I wish you FUN in your pursuit of realizing your dreams and hope you will say YES to Heaven in 2011 and beyond!


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Love and Light~
Pamela Jo McQuade




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