IFAW – Thank You!


International Fund for Animal Welfare and Thank you!

Happy New Year!


I am writing to you today to simply say “thank you” for all you do for animals.
Whether you donated to IFAW to help a suffering animal, sent an e-mail to an official to demand animal-friendly laws, spread the word to your friends about the importance of protecting animals and their habitats, or helped animals in your own community – I can’t thank you enough.
Our lifesaving work depends on you – without your support we simply couldn’t help the many animals we do.

So please accept my most sincere thanks for all you allow us to accomplish for animals in crisis.

On behalf of all the hard-working IFAW employees around the world, and all the animals you’re helping us care for and protect…

My very best wishes for a wonderful 2011.

Fred O'Regan Signature
Fred O’Regan

p.s. Please visit our blog to read about all the ways your support helps animals.

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