VERONICA – ‘Rough Times In The Linear’

A New Message From VERONICA
‘Rough Times In The Linear’
“In the linear the feeling of separation is often expanded as one feels his or her way through the sea of chaos. Most feel the void and become fearful that their connection with their soul may be forever out of their reach. 

It is important to realize that those in spirit are always moving past any impediments to connecting with those they love in the linear.
Close your eyes when fearful and feel the touch of spirit. The warmth of that embrace can supersede any detachment one may feel while in the physical form.
Spirit senses when the disconnect occurs and moves forcefully to reconnect. Allow the energy to proceed. We realize it may be difficult but open yourself to the probability if at all possible.
We have stated before that spirit will never abandon you. This remains the most stable connection in the linear world as spirit moves forward to connect.
Always know that these moments of warmth and love continue. Pay attention in times of trouble so that the connection may become more stable.
It is the best possible moment when the soul can smooth the rough edges of a linear moment. It is not your imagination, the work of spirit is profound. Believe in the moment and all will be well.
The soul has the power to smooth out all of the roughness. One simply needs to allow for that to occur.
Close your eyes and believe.
Relief will be forthcoming.”





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