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A New Message From VERONICA
The Garden of Life
“The choice to incarnate is never a standard one. Each soul makes the leap into physical for different reasons. There are some who enjoy the process and grow with each event. Others do not incarnate often and find the whole process too separate and tedious to gather evolution from. Regardless of the various levels of perception each of you tend the garden of your life specifically.
It is important to plant seeds of experience, trim the leaves as the seedling begins to sprout, water and pay attention to all the variables that will help your flowers grow.
Along the way it is sometimes necessary to weed the garden so as not to distract from the magnificence of it.
Yes, weeds can be a negative participation but the importance of your focus upon the flower supersedes the weeds. It is your responsibility to remove the negativity so that all may blossom and grow.
Not becoming attached to the destruction that the weeds represent is a very important one. Reach deep into your energy, tend your garden. Spring is always just around the corner in your heart and soul.
Take advantage of the sunshine and realize that rainy days are equally valuable.
In the end it will be the flowers that you will remember and the joy their fragrance gives you.




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