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“In the current reality it may appear that it is at the brink of disaster. Every moment being filled with a crescendo of negativity. One wonders where it will all lead to as the parameters of your world wavers. Many of your feel that th end is near, but is it?
Without fear it is a beginning.
Know that spirit is ever present for all within every heart beat in the physical. Often in the chaos one feels separated from their soul while walking through their lives. It is important to remember that you create your reality and it must be done from a fearless place.
Being physical at this time does require great courage. So much fear is being hurled into the mass consciousness that many of you have become paralyzed within it.
Attempt to regain your balance while moving past fear into your own soul. It is in this space you wil find that bravery to defeat negativity.
By creating in a fearless space there is great hope for your planet. Connecting with others positively will change the imbalance that is now occurring.
The end is not near. What will happen is the evolution of the planet and the advancement of your soul.
Be fearless.”

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