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Pamela Jo McQuade


Taking Action….


NOW is the time for WE…



~Greetings Spiritually Sexy Ones~ 

 I wanted to share this powerful video and Divine message that inspires one to join with many in co~creation through the power of WE. 

One of my deepest passions lie in assisting others in raising consciousness, cleansing and healing beliefs & emotions that are seemingly stuck in old energetic patterns and orchestrating how to uncover the truth that Heaven is in Your Heart.  

Ultimately, to heal one is to heal humanity because what shows up in our life is a reflection of what we hold within.  Our individual ability to create is endless and if this is combined within the scope of a holistic power team called “WE” the results are positive change at quantum levels. 

To remember our truth and light is to remember our wholeness and opens the graceful flow of the Divine energies of happiness and love.  Further, to join together with like minded individuals and bring forth the flow of this brilliant, uplifting energy, is to move mountains with our positive intentions. 

We are accountable for what we are creating in our world, so let us team together and create a beautiful masterpiece of love, peace, joy and prosperity for all! 

In Bliss~

Pamela Jo McQuade




Join Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE and social change movements around the world.

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