ARMENIA Children- “Everything you always wanted to know about the UN”

Visit of school-children of the Saramej

community to UN House

September  2010
UNO visit 

On 22 September, school-children of the Saramej community students’ club “Ayg” (dawn) visited the UN office (UNO) in Armenia accompanied by their teachers, chaperons and the head of the community. This village is one of the vulnerable communities of the Lori region of Armenia located to the north of Yerevan. They still suffer from the difficulties still left from the devastating earthquake of 1988.

DPI Information Officer hosted them in the UN Conference Hall, delivered a very brief lecture about the United Nations. The children then watched the “UN: It’s Your World” video film. They had also prepared a tiny embroidered UN Flag and a picture of their village which they painted themselves as a gift. They were very interested to hear details about the Peace mandate of the United Nations and were very happy to watch the video message of the UN Secretary-General. They also watched the colourful Arts exhibition launched in the UN House Lobby several hours ago.

DPI presented each child with the Armenian book “Everything you always wanted to know about the UN“, while for the school and the community club a set of other books and UN posters.

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