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Malaysia Independence Day

Independence Day in Malaysia is a public holiday.

 August 31, 2009


Independence Day is a public holiday in Malaysia.


Malaysia got its independence on August 31, 1957. Though it has a long history of invasion, it was the British colonies, from whom they got their independence. Since then Malaysia has come up the economic growth curve quite well.

Now it is well known for its tourism industry. It is one of those destinations, which make people get the whole Asia experience. As their tagline says ‘truly Asia’.


History of Malaysia Independence Day

Malaysia is known to be a complete experience of Asia in itself. The main reason for this lies in the fact that people from Japan, China and India have invaded it. However, the recent past has seen the British invading this country. The independence from the British rule was a peaceful one opposed to the other British colonies that got its independence after much struggle and sacrifice. The major problem a nation faces after the independence is the shift of power from the country, which invaded, to its own people. Though Malaysia did not face much of those, however it did face the racial discrimination and conflicts related to those.

These things apart independent Malaysia took the political system and the economy and social system far ahead of what it started from during the initial independence days. The best part about the Malaysian independence is there was no bloodshed. The whole process of declaring independence happened after just holding discussions.


Malaysia Independence Day Traditions, Customs and Activities


The event is celebrated with lot of concerts and processions. The schools and other education institutions organize their celebrations. Lot of folk dance and traditional clothes are a part of the celebrations.

Malaysia is a vibrant country with vibrant people.

They make the whole atmosphere come alive with their energy and spirit.


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to all the Women of our World, in Malaysia.



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